Best Projector Screens on the Market for Homes


The screen also has a black backing which can prevent most of the projection light penetration. It is an awesome foldable screen with a built-in combination rod frame. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble, suitable for wall mounting and ceiling hanging.

Product Specifications

A screen has less texture and will show more accurate colors, plus add pop to the image, since paint will almost always reflect less light than a screen . If you own a front projector to watch movies on a big screen, we recommend that you add a projector screen to get the best picture quality. You’ll have a tough time finding something better than the Silver Ticket STR Series. It’s easy to assemble and available in a variety of sizes, and it has a relatively neutral surface. Some screens are better or cheaper, but none match the Silver Ticket in achieving that perfect balance of better and cheaper. The Elite Screens ezCinema 2 is designed for use with standard-throw projectors up to 4K resolutions and is active 3D ready.

QualGear 120-Inch Fixed Frame

As the name implies, Ultra Short Throw projector screens are designed to take an image from a projector close to the screen. Ultra Short Throw is one of the biggest R&D topics in projector screens right now, and there’s a lot you need to consider when buying one. If the screen’s viewing angle is 180°, you will be able to see a clear image on it from anywhere in the half-circle.

But if you have a high-end projector and want to get the most out of your setup, the reference screen we used for our testing, the Stewart StudioTek 130, has long been an industry standard. The screen is made of a tough polyester cloth that velcros to the frame for quick setup and takedown. The frame is supported by two tripod legs that aren’t adjustable, so you can’t modify the screen’s height, but they do click into position quickly. The projector screen is lightweight and foldable to fit within Vamvo’s carrying bag. It is simple and quick to set up, making it an excellent projector for fast outside viewing. The portable projector screen folds up and weighs only two pounds.

You should know the room dimensions, where it will be placed, and what type of projector you will be using before purchasing a projector screen. Best Fixed Frame Projector Screen has an unusual sawtooth design which aptly reflects the light directly to the viewer’s eyes. Combined with the light suppression filter, this prevents washout and hence, reduces the chances of lowering picture quality, which is great news in rooms with high uncontrolled light levels. For example, its edges are lined with a standard black masking border to prevent projector overshoot, while the screen’s fabric is moisture-proof and mildew for easy maintenance.

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